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To minister with love and compassion to the physical, mental, spiritual and social needs
of persons within our facility and community.



To be a centre of excellence, focused on the residents and the community we serve, through the provision of quality holistic care.


We are created in the image of God and endowed with dignity and infinite worth. We are redeemed through Jesus Christ that we might belong to God forever. God has embraced the whole world in loving care. The congregation of Christ Lutheran Church provided a channel whereby love, born through faith in Christ, may be made visible and be directed to the service of all people.



We believe:

  • Residents are created in the image of God and, as such, deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

  • That quality resident-centred care must address resident’s spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual needs.

  • That every resident is unique, therefore, the provision of care must be individualized to optimize the well-being of the resident.

  • In providing an environment where residents feel at home.

  • That every employee has an obligation to respect the rights of the residents as set out in the Luther Home Resident Rights.

  • In the development of new resources to meet the needs of our young residents with disabilities, and enhance their potential.

  • In the value of research and its ability to expand our knowledge to improve the quality of care provided to the residents.

  • In the value of ongoing evaluation and the desire to exceed established standards of care.

  • In the active involvement of families and volunteers.

  • That employees who are qualified and committed to providing care in a loving and compassionate manner are a valued asset. Investing in their development through ongoing education is of benefit to the residents, the employee, and the organization.

  • In the importance of providing opportunities for residents, families, and staff to have input into the care of the residents and the operation of our facility .

  • In providing care that respects the resident’s choices and enhances their comfort and dignity in death, without intervening in a manner that ends life.

  • That all our relationships with others must be conducted in an honest and fair manner.

  • That it is essential to work together to achieve excellence.


  • To promote health, preserve human dignity, and enhance self-image.

  • To provide for physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of all persons in our care.

  • To support the residents’ right to self-determination with appropriate and innovative approaches and programs to meet individual needs.

  • To extend services to our various housing complexes and the community.

  • To strive for excellence through continuous quality improvement.

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