Halloween at Luther Home!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Luther Home’s Halloween party proved to be quite different from previous years, due to the 5 person group size limit and restriction of outside entertainment. However, Luther Home’s recreation staff did a stellar job delivering an amazing party!!!

The staff and residents brought their artistic abilities to the table, and carved out some seriously cool designs!! After pumpkin carving, Recreation organized a staff costume contest! This included the staff parading around the home while the residents judged their costumes!

There was a noticeably large number of staff participating; and everyone was in tears form the laughter!! Halloween Karaoke filled the various lounges ( to comply with physical distancing) and the celebration came to a close with the serving of delicious “dirt in a cup”! Everyone had such a great time, and the spirit of Luther Home remains alive and well!!!

Please visit if you would like to send a message or greeting to your loved ones at Luther Home. We'll make sure that your greeting/message is printed and delivered to the intended resident.

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