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50th Anniversary Events

The year 2019 marks 50 years of compassionate and caring service to our community. Luther Home is a not for profit, faith based organization located in West Kildonan. Luther Home provides personal care home services, seniors affordable housing, adult day care services, home care services and refugee housing.

On December  1, 1969 Luther Home officially opened as  a personal care facility.             

December  1, 2019 will mark 50 years of service to the community.

To celebrate this occasion, a number of events have been planned that will span 2019.

Past events

Past Events

Sunday, December 1:  Chapel Service -a special chapel service will mark 50 years to the day that Luther Home opened. This will also be the day to unveil a 50 year plaque to be placed at Luther Home.

Friday, September 27:   Wine and Cheese Reunion


A wine and cheese reunion was held at Luther Home where past staff and family members got to meet, greet and share stories of their experiences at Luther Home. Also, in celebration of Luther Home’s 50th Anniversary, and in recognition of the people who live here, eight six-minute Video Stories and dozens of Art pieces have been created for people to view in the chapel.

Saturday, June 15:  Block Party


The Luther Home community was invited to celebrate 50 years of caring and serving. A community block party and BBQ was held in the grass courtyard between the care home and 1084 Powers. On this day Luther Home hosted it's first 50/50 raffle draw. Luther Home collected a total of $6660, all proceeds went towards the 50th Anniversary Fundraiser Campaign.


Please click HERE to view a letter from the Fundraising Committee of Luther Home 



Friday, January 25:   Founders Tea 


On January 25th Luther Home hosted a Founders Tea. This event recognized and celebrated the commitment and vision of those that were instrumental in founding Luther Home. Many family members of the founders were in attendance. A plaque recognizing the Founders has been placed at the front entrance.

Two new banners recognizing 50 years of service and commitment to the community have been hung on the west face of the building. They are visible from both Leila Ave and Partridge Ave.

Please click on the play button below to view a video picture slide show presented at the Founder Tea on January 25, 2019

November 16, 2018 : Toast Our Golden Years

On behalf of the residents of Luther Home, thank you to everyone who supported our November 16, 2018 “Toast Our Golden Years” fundraising event. Thank you to those who donated gifts for the silent auction, those who provided beverages for the tasting and food for enjoying, and those who gave us music and their volunteer time. This event was the beginning of our celebrations for 50 years of service.

The evening could not have happened without all of the above. The success of the evening has been measured by the number in attendance, the positive feedback and by the funds raised to support our Personal Care Home.

Thank you again for being a part of our evening.


Marilyn Onisko

50th Anniversary Committee; Luther Home

Special Edition Hilites

Founders Edition Hilites

Founders Edition Hilites was created by Randy Hilderman that explains the history and founders of Luther Home.

Please Click HERE to view the Founders Edition Hilites

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