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Luther Home Training Center

The Luther Home Training Center funded by the Government of Canada under the New Horizons for Seniors Program aids in providing community seniors the opportunity to access computers to learn and attain computer skills, enabling them to participate in the electronic environment. Luther Home offers a mentoring program run by volunteers that enables seniors to interact with the mentor and their peers as they learn basic computer skills. The skills gained through the Training Center will enable seniors to better communicate with their families and peers.

This initiative will also engage seniors in the community through the mentoring of other seniors who require training. The Luther Home Training Center will provide an opportunity for seniors to volunteer to teach and train other seniors computer skills, and to share their own experience/expertise with their peers.

The Luther Home Training Center includes 8 workstations, a projector; all in one HP machines equipped with Windows 8 operating system and is furnished with comfortable leather chairs and desks.

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