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Family Room

There are many times when the family of a resident or even the resident themselves need to have a private place to sit and visit. The creation of a Family Room provides families and residents with a place to eat together or to simply enjoy each others company in private setting. This room is also used by families during other times of need. It gives family a place of refuge when the situation dictates.



Furnished with leather sofa and love seat as well as a lovely dining table, the Family Room offers a comfortable and private space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the facility.

The family room was dedicated to the memory of Pastor Walter Weind. Pastor Weind was the Pastor at the Christ Lutheran Church for many years. He was one of the key driving forces behind the creation of Luther Home. His vision and his tenacity saw what began as a dream, to fruition.

The Family Room was funded nearly entirely through a generous grant from the Thomas Sills Foundation.

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