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Admission Process

Luther Home may be the most appropriate care setting when your care needs can no longer be managed within your home or an alternative community setting.


People Living in the Community

The application form for personal care home placement is initiated through your Home Care Case Coordinator. If you are not on Home Care contact the WRHA Home Care Intake Line at (204) 940-2655 for more information.


People in Hospital

If you become ill and are admitted to hospital, the hospital will inform the Home Care Program. The Home Care Coordinator will help you access appropriate housing and care options such as Luther Home. You will be assessed individually to find the best fit for you and the available care options.



Your application to be admitted into a Personal Care Home is reviewed by an assessment panel to decide on the most appropriate environment where your care needs can be met. If the assessment panel decides you are not eligible for a personal care home, you and your family may ask the Regional Health Authority to review the application again.
Canadian citizens and permanent residents who have lived in Manitoba for the previous five consecutive years are eligible for personal care home benefits. If you are a Canadian citizen and a new resident to Manitoba, there will be a period of 24 consecutive months before you are eligible for personal care home benefits. Exceptions are made if:

  • You previously were a resident of Manitoba for 30 years, left Canada and then returned to Canada after an absence of less than 10 years and re-established yourself as a resident of Manitoba, or

  • You have been a resident of a province or territory of Canada for five consecutive years and immediately have established yourself as a resident of Manitoba.


When Will You Be Admitted

There may be a waiting period before you are admitted to the personal care home of your choice. During this time, home care services may be provided to you as necessary. The length of time depends on the length of the waiting list, availability of rooms and other factors. The wait can be a short as a day or two to as long as several months. If you require admission immediately, or are in hospital awaiting placement, you may be asked to accept placement in a different care facility until you can be admitted to the personal care home of your choice.


Admissions to Luther Home

Admissions are coordinated by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority / Long Term Care Access Center. The Long Term Care Access Center is responsible for scheduling panel dates, ensuring clients have access to long term care services that are most appropriate to their needs and maintaining waiting lists for personal care homes/long term care programs. For more information, contact the Long Term Care Access Center at (204) 940-3600.
The final arrangements for admission to Luther Home are made between the new resident/family and staff of Luther Home. Normally the Social Worker will conta
ct the resident/family to make the necessary arrangements.


Admission & Residency Guarantee Agreement

An Admission & Residency Guarantee Agreement form must be completed and returned to the Business Office. A copy of this form is provided in the Admission package.


Resident Trust Fund Agreement

A Resident Trust Fund Agreement form must be completed and returned to the Business Office. This form complies with Regulation 190/82 as amended by Manitoba Regulation 114/85. It outlines the requirements and obligations of a Resident Trust Fund. A copy of this form is provided in the Admission Package.

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