Dispatch from the COVID-19 Front Lines

One of the most important aspects when dealing with a COVID-19 Outbreak in a Personal Care Home is to ensure that the Residents receive more than enough nourishment and hydration; and are doubly encouraged to consume this sustenance.

While Hypodermocylsis and the CIVP (Community Intravenous Program) are effective interventions to stave off dehydration in those infected with COVID, the best defense is good old fashioned oral intake of fluids and food prior to dehydration setting in. This was the goal of the Luther Home Hydration Cart; to ensure our Residents were well hydrated so as to avoid the advanced interventions mentioned above... and what a success it was!

From the moment Luther Home entered the COVID-19 Outbreak, our Recreation Team, lead by Eddie Marion-Gerula, sprang into action and initiated the Hydration Cart pictured below. Stocked with tasty drinks, freezies, ice cream and jello; Eddie, Lynne, Chris, and Judy would circulate among those Residents infected with COVID and would make sure, with plenty of encouragement, that these people ate and drank enough to avoid dehydration and more invasive care interventions. Not only did these actions supply hydration, but also provided much needed socialization for the Residents who were isolated in their rooms. It became a highlight for the Residents to have a visit from the “Ice Cream Man” on a very regular basis. So much so that we began to somewhat worry about weight gain in our Residents; which is a good problem to have during a COVID outbreak.

Congratulations to Eddie and his Team for this very effective and resident-centered approach to help keep our Residents healthy and happy.

Great Work Team!

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