Personal Bible Reading

Spiritual Care is such an important aspect of the life of our residents as their emotional and spiritual well being is the focus. In the light of the pandemic and residents having to stay indoors every single day, mental health has become a great concern and spiritual care has increased visits of the residents just so as to better minister to them. In doing this we have begun another initiative which has really picked up quite well. Its the acronym P.B.R. which stands for Personal Bible Reading. This is when the Chaplain has a one on one personal time with each resident that has bought into this initiative and a Bible story is read to the resident. Its the chaplain that does the reading to the residents. This has been such a wonderful time of bonding with the residents but more that this it helps the residents to express themselves by talking about a variety of topics that are personal and important to them. Some of them speak about their time with their parents, or with family members, others speak about when they were working and the different experiences they had on the job. There has been lots of laughter and fun during P.B.R. This is what is currently happening in Spiritual care and it appears to be an important aspect of the life of our residents.


David Olufolabi

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