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We Have a lot to be Thankful For!!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Recreation hosted a Thanksgiving dinner with the Residents on Thursday October 6th. Our Residents helped prepare the food some of which was harvested from our own Garden in the Courtyard, including carrots and beans. The amazing scent drifted through the whole home, and made for great conversations as they remembered Thanksgiving with their families.

Thanksgiving Menu

o Spiral roasted ham

o Purple rosemary creamed potatoes

o Roasted garlic baby potatoes

o Corn in herb sauce

o Honey dill flower carrots

o Rainbow butter harvested veggies

o Beets

o Pumpkin pie

As we sat down to share our meal each Resident shared what they were thankful for, which was Family! As you can see in the pictures the residents and the Recreation team had a great time. A huge shout out to Lynne from Recreation who worked with the Residents to prepare our wonderful meal. From our Luther Home Family to your families Happy Thanksgiving!

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