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Resident Council

The Resident Family Council was formed in 1997 to ensure the Residents and Families could express themselves, share idea’s and be involved in the decision making process at Luther Home .

The Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. Each service is represented at the meeting and residents and families are encouraged to voice concerns, make recommendations and resolve issues.

The Council raises funds through a variety of events to purchase items which enhance the lives of all the residents at Luther Home . Some of the items we have purchased include two large screen televisions, a karaoke machine and new Christmas trees throughout the facility.

We welcome all Residents and Family members to be involved in the Resident family Council.

To view the Resident Council Minutes please click on links below:


Terms of Reference - January 2020



Resident Council minutes 2022.02.16

Resident Council minutes 2022.03.14

Resident Council minutes 2022.05.25

Resident Council minutes 2022.06.13


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